Health Care

“Health is not valued until Sickness come”
                                                                  -Thomas fuller
Inspire of much advancements made by India in the field of healthcare there are still some social-economic strata’s of the society ,which strive for quality healthcare ,The heart-Social norms. To help these women ,we educate their families first , to let their girls go out of the houses to explore the endless possibilities .Girls are taught Basic Skills like stitching ,mehndi ,beautician and computational knowledge ,so that they can lead a heathy ,dignified life a head .

Distribution of Food and Clothes, Distribution of Medicines, Blood Donation Camps, Health Checkup Camps, Old Age Home, Rehabilation, Councelling, Workshops, Awarness Programs.

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Kaarwan foundation partnered with Huner and organized a Food Fiesta Cum Exhibition to help women to showcase their skills by giving them a platform to sell cakes, spices, handloom, accessories, etc.

We are Mankhurd-based not-for-profit organisation, under the name Kaarwan Foundation, we work for the urban poor by introducing sustainable livelihoods through an area-based community model. Which includes establishing skill training centres for women, providing education facilities for children and developing a channel for providing resources that aims to provide better and healthy life for the citizens of that area and the nearby areas.