Welcome to the world of Kaarwan Foundation

Kaarwan Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization that was founded in 2013 with the goal of elevating the impoverished sector of society. Mrs. Shahina, a teaching professional, took the idea after witnessing the plight of children in the Mumbai slums of Govondi and Mankhurd. This area was deemed so unsuitable for habitation that city officials first wanted to commit it entirely as a dumping ground. This region was deemed so unfit for human settlement that city officials initially planned to dedicate it wholly as a dumping ground. This dump may be hazardous to the children who live nearby owing to harm from objects in the dump or the burning of items that emit toxic fumes.

Our Works


Our mission is to provide a distinctive education to the society’s poor children. We think that education is the key to a stable and long-term future. It is the key to unlocking the golden door of liberation.

Women Empowerment

Back office outsourcing, which comprises internal company activities such as human resources or finance and accounting, and front office outsourcing are the two most common types of BPO services.

Health Relief

During the devastating natural catastrophe, we aided the people of Kerala.
We have also offered our aid to the victims of Nisar cyclone in Kokan Ratnagiri Rigadh and Many other locations of Maharashtra.