Relief Work

We helped the people of Kerala during the disastrous natural calamity. We have also handed our hands to serve the people of Nisar cyclone in kokan Ratnagiri Rigadh Many places in Maharashtra.
Our major contribution was in the time of Covid-19 from the day 1 , we have tried to support the people affected with covid , especially daily – wage-worker who had become jobless distributed ration kits, mask ,ppt kit , medicine and food packets
We make ambulance facility Me arrange blood donation camp
We arranged people tickets to go to their native places and those who wants to come back Mumbai to their family we helped them.

We are Mankhurd-based not-for-profit organisation, under the name Kaarwan Foundation, we work for the urban poor by introducing sustainable livelihoods through an area-based community model. Which includes establishing skill training centres for women, providing education facilities for children and developing a channel for providing resources that aims to provide better and healthy life for the citizens of that area and the nearby areas.